Is it possible for diesel generators to run silently?

Is it possible for diesel generators to run silently?

As with other industrial and uninterruptible power systems, the operating sound of generators is expressed in Db (decibel) and the sound levels are included in the technical specifications document.

Especially generators operate at a higher noise level than other devices because they contain mechanical and moving parts such as engines.

These sounds that cause high generator noise level can be listed as exhaust sound, mechanical sounds, radiator sound and structural sounds.

  • Exhaust noise is the vibrating emission of exhaust gases,
  • Mechanical noises from engine, alternator and cabin parts,
  • Radiator noise is cooling air passing through the radiator filter,
  • Structural noises are caused by general vibration and loose assembly.

Tescom diesel generator models are equipped with a powerful sound insulation structure to minimize the operating noise. In this way, they produce less noise than equivalent generators. TDJ Series Diesel Generators reduce these sound sources at an optimum level with soundproof insulation and correct installation.

The cabin body, made of galvanized metal and polyester powder coated components, helps the generator to operate with low noise level thanks to the sound insulation improved with the acoustic sponge it contains.

Overall vibration and structural noises caused by loose mounting are reduced thanks to the compact design connection with integrally mounted cab, generator set, exhaust system and weldless nuts and bolts. Thus, the noise problem is minimized and an environmentally friendly user experience is provided.

Both employee health and national and international regulations set tolerances for the devices to increase the ambient level.

Noise level tests of Tescom Diesel Generator sets are certified by Szutest (CE standards conformity assessment body) in accordance with directive 2000/14/EC.

TDJ Series Diesel generators provide quiet operation and durability. The fuel filling compartment and battery in the generator cabin can only be accessed through lockable access doors, lockable control panel, emergency stop button mounted outside the cabin and wide doors on both sides of the cabin provide ease of access and maintenance as well as a high level of security.

Customer options are available for your application needs, and custom cabins can be manufactured at the desired sound level and size.

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