How to Ensure Generator Efficiency?

How to Ensure Generator Efficiency?

The engine used in Tescom Diesel Generators is an internal combustion diesel engine. Like diesel engines, they are systems that convert chemical energy into heat energy and heat energy into mechanical energy.

Unlike gasoline engines, it burns diesel fuel with oxygen without the need for a spark plug for ignition and a carburetor to create a fuel-oxygen mixture.

Since the diesel fuel type is a self-flaming fuel, the pistons are pushed and motion energy is provided thanks to the energy generated by the burning diesel by increasing the temperature of the air in accordance with the working principle of the engine.

The last part of Tescom Diesel Generator systems is the alternator. The motion energy produced by the diesel generator engine is transmitted to the alternator and the alternator converts this energy into electrical energy and presents it to the system.

Therefore, the working principle of diesel generator systems can be summarized as an energy form conversion from fuel to motion and from there to electricity.

The diesel engine is designed to burn fuel slowly and have higher compression. This means that diesel generators consume lower amounts of fuel than gasoline generators. This feature also allows them to be preferred in situations that require long-term operation.

Diesel generators, which operate with the power provided by the high-performance diesel engine structure, produce more efficient and economical energy with less fuel, resulting in higher costs.

In addition to producing efficient and economical energy, an environmentally friendly energy source is provided by reducing carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

TDJ Series Diesel generators have a wide power range from small household generators to large industrial generators with engine options between 20-1650 kVA. In this way, it is possible to find various models suitable for different needs. They offer high efficiency with low maintenance costs.

Diesel generators require less maintenance than other natural gas and gasoline-powered generators. Annual maintenance of fuel, filtration system, cooling system and power panels will be sufficient. Apart from these maintenance, no additional maintenance is required. In this way, both maintenance costs and time can be saved.

One of the biggest problems in other generators is fuel supply. Thanks to the fuel storage system of Tescom Diesel Generators, fuel purchase and storage problems are eliminated.

Depending on the model preference in Tescom Generator sets, it can offer in-chassis daily fuel tank or external pedestal type fuel tank. External pedestal type fuel tank is provided in larger power sets. Fuel tanks can be manufactured from plate steel sheet or other suitable materials in accordance with the relevant standards. Tescom fuel tanks include;

  • Refueling point and cap
  • Tank ventilation
  • Fuel outlet valve
  • Fuel return connection
  • Tank drain plug
  • Sediment, etc. accumulation part
  • Fuel level transparent indicator
  • Floating level contact (Optional)
  • Automatic filling (Optional)

It is recommended to install a pre-fuel filter or water separator filter on the fuel supply line between the tank and the engine.

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