Can generators communicate with other devices?

Can generators communicate with other devices?

As it is known, Generators and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) are systems used for uninterruptible power. Generators are used to meet the need for electrical energy in long-term power outages. However, generators cannot respond to the need in terms of not being able to take the load uninterruptedly, not being able to create an output waveform of sufficient quality to feed some critical loads and frequency stability.

Unlike the generator, the UPS can take the loads uninterruptedly and produce output voltage and output frequency at a quality and stable frequency that can supply critical loads against any disturbances in the grid. However, despite all these advantages, UPSs are generally inadequate for applications longer than 1 hour or this configuration is not recommended as it is not cost effective due to battery costs.  For this reason, UPS and generator are used together for a permanent solution in places where long-term power outages occur. Care should be taken in the selection of the UPS and generator to be used to prevent problems that may occur during this joint operation.

When the UPS and generator work together, step load/block loading, harmonics pose a problem for the generator, while voltage/frequency fluctuations and the output stability of the generator can also affect the healthy operation of the UPS as a load.

For all these reasons, Tescom Gensets and Tescom UPSs guarantee a fully compatible system for working together. They speak the same language and thanks to superior communication features and special software, the UPS is notified when the generator is activated, and during operation with the generator, the UPS dynamically changes the operating parameter settings as needed, providing the generator with a comfortable operation.

Thanks to remote control methods, you can either monitor the Generator operation information via the UPS Panel or you can monitor and track the information of our UPS and Generator sets that communicate with each other from a different point at the same time with the advanced Graphical Control panel we offer as an option. With this advanced display, it is possible to remotely monitor and manage multiple Gensets, UPS and power electronics devices.

The communication options of Tescom Diesel Generator sets for different applications are varied to suit your needs. From a simple alarm function to complex applications, you can access solutions of different qualities within a certain distance via RS-232 and RS-485 communication ports or without distance limit with GSM and internet technologies.

All Tescom Diesel Generator models have various control modules. These generator modules have special communication ports according to their features.

One of these ports is RS-232, which can provide wired monitoring up to 10 meters away from the generator. Your computer that will monitor the generator must have an RS-232 port. If the computer does not have an RS-232 port, you can communicate with the help of an RS-232-USB converter.

Another port is RS-485. With this port, the wired monitoring distance is up to 100 meters. If your computer does not have an RS-485 port, you can communicate with the help of an RS-485-USB converter.

With 100 Mbps speed, you can monitor up to 100 meters in a wired manner using an Ethernet line.

Wireless connection to your generator over the internet can be realized with the help of web-based control devices and free PC software Rainbow Plus, which is available with Tescom Diesel Generator models. The software can be connected to your device via USB, RS-485 and RS-232 and is easy to install and use.

Modbus TCP is a communication protocol designed for the control of automation devices, providing a classic internetwork topology.

With Rainbow Plus running on a SCADA server using this protocol, you can not only access device information remotely, but also have the advantages of parameter changes, device tests, remote intervention to errors, fuel and energy control, and the ability to include different devices in your system.

You can monitor the device via a website with your computer, cell phone and tablet. In addition, any malfunction that may occur can be notified via SMS or E-Mail.

Thanks to these extremely useful and low-cost communication possibilities, you can monitor product performance and solve any problems that may arise in a practical and effective way with long-distance access.

You can also include Tescom Uninterruptible Power Supplies, which bring great advantages to your systems by correcting voltage and frequency deviations, eliminating the power gap between the power outage and the activation of the generator, and create a communication network with a common data flow thanks to Modbus RS-485 or Modbus TCP protocols.

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